USD & EUR End Week Soft, AUD & NZD Strongest

The US dollar ended the week rather soft, though got a boost by the weekend. The euro was weak as well. Meanwhile, the Australian and New Zealand dollars were the winners on the Forex market during the past week.

The greenback weakened during the week as core inflation missed expectations and, while the Federal Open Market Committee raised interest rates, there were two dovish dissenters. The dollar rose on Friday, though, from signs that the US tax reforms bills can be signed this year, perhaps even before Christmas.

The Great Britain pound also weakened after the central bank’s meeting. The currency remained vulnerable even after the news that the Brexit talks entered the next stage.

The euro joined the trend of weakening after a policy decision of the central bank, also being among the weakest currencies during the week.

Meanwhile, the Australian dollar got a boost from amazing employment data, and the New Zealand dollar rallied on the appointment of a new central bank’s governor.

EUR/USD was up from 1.1763 to 1.1854 during the week but retreated to 1.1751 by the week’s end. GBP/USD fell from 1.3381 to 1.3317. AUD/USD jumped from 0.7503 to 0.7639, touching the weekly high of 0.7693. NZD/USD advanced from 0.6839 to 0.6988.

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