Currency webinar: vote for what you want us to talk about


2019 has been full of political upheaval, which has translated into a rollercoaster for currency markets – and it’s far from over yet. Over the course of this year, currency specialist OFX has sponsored MoneyWeek’s Currency Corner, and we wanted to round off the year by discussing the topics that interest you – MoneyWeek’s readers – the most.
MoneyWeek executive editor John Stepek will be joining the OFX team for a 30-minute webinar on Tuesday 3 December at 1pm GMT. We’ll be looking at the big stories and how they might affect your finances (perhaps you are looking at investing or buying property overseas) or those of your business, particularly those involved in the import-export trade.
Sign up to join the webinar here, and vote below for which topic you’d most like to hear John put to the experts at OFX.

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