Dutch Rate: Financial Marketplace for All

Finding a good and reliable company is one of the hardest tasks in every trader’s career. There are a plethora of financial services providers that offer various opportunities. Some of them are good; some do not meet the trader’s requirements. Recently some newest form appeared – financial instrument marketplaces. We will provide you with detailed information about Dutch Rate, one of the leading marketplaces in the industry.

What you can find there

Unlike most similar companies, Dutch Rate provides customers with plenty of financial instruments as well as trading and investment opportunities. You can find there traditional currency pairs, stocks, indices, commodities, and others. And that’s not all.

By choosing this marketplace as a home for your investments, you can buy stocks through IPO, use trading ideas and watch for ready portfolios. We are going to describe some of those offers below.

Trading various assets, including CFDs, is a very popular way of earning money nowadays. Most companies attempt to offer the greatest possible number of financial instruments, but they are far behind the marketplaces such as Dutch Rate. The number of currency pairs is impressive! You can choose from 662 currency instruments here.

When it comes to stocks, the offer here is even greater. Dutch Rate provides customers with more than 3,300 assets coming from various markets across the world.

Those who prefer cutting-edge technologies will be happy to see 69 cryptocurrencies here, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other most popular crypto assets from the top 100 according to the CoinMarketCap.

When it comes to trading ideas, there is a great tool called the offer of the month. It gives you several assets that have shown the greatest performance in the past. This is a good way for you to create your portfolio from scratch and add the most effective stocks and other instruments.

Investing in IPO is an opportunity for traders and investors to buy stocks cheaper than they may cost after the company becomes public. Dutch Rate experts do careful work on collecting the most promising IPOs from around the world.

The benefits of investing during the IPO are evident. You can get a share in the company at a lower price. The only disadvantage here is that the shares may fall in price right after the IPO. That’s why Dutch Rate and other experts recommend making a diversification.


When it comes to platforms, Dutch Rate is ahead of most competitors again. The marketplace offers various trading terminal solutions to please all types of traders and investors. Those platforms have a simple interface and plenty of important features. Using them, you will be able to place orders (various types of trades available), analyze markets (there are many useful trading tools and indicators), and even use trading bots.

Dutch Rate cooperates with many known trading software providers, including TradingView and Metaquotes.

Additional services

The features mentioned above are great, but that’s not all you can find here. Dutch Rate has a team of professional market analysts whose main task is to provide the company’s customers with the latest news that may have a significant market impact. Those skilled experts prepare market reviews and offer traders and investors plenty of trading ideas to follow.

Final words

Dutch Rate seems to be the future market leader with the set of features the company offers to the clients. By choosing it, you will enjoy many benefits, including the cutting-edge trading platofrms, trading ideas, IPO offers, and many others. If you have already cooperated with them, please, share your opinion with the others.


  1. I was surprised by the number of currencies I can use here. Some of the currencies I don’t even know. But I can trade them with the tightest spreads here; that’s what I like the most.

  2. I have been trading cryptos since 2017. I have lost many tokens stolen by hackers from various exchanges. Here I can be calm as I don’t trade tokens directly. I buy CFDs on tokens, and I don’t risk my real cryptocurrency by using this marketplace.

  3. I tried the their service, and I can say it looks revolutionary. 5 of 5 was my result! I have made five trades and got profit. No issues were found during the cooperation.

  4. Their range of platforms is truly something other investment companies and marketplaces should follow. You can find whatever you want here. All platforms have a broad set of analysis tools, including my most preferred Mas and Bollinger Bands.

  5. I have been using their IPO offer for a couple of months. I can say that it offers great investment ideas. One IPO I invested in had a huge price growth after the listing procedure.

  6. Here you can trade using MT5 – the ever best platform with numerous options like alerts, multicurrency tester, accurate settings, and rich analytics opportunities. The access is free.

  7. Here you can dive into the list of signal providers and learn how they trade to follow the most effective strategy. The pool of investment tools is diverse and to be honest it does not matter to me. If a trader has managed to gain profit, I’ll just follow him and get my cash! You can really rely on competence of those fellows. Choosing is not difficult due to the rating the platform delivers. To begin with, you will be suggested to sign up, open an account and go on… generate your own profit!

  8. I like that it took me a minute to sign in. Without complicated procedures you get access to your account and the financial markets with all that marvelous range of products and options. Anybody will cope with the service – the interface is uncluttered and user-friendly.

  9. Works as usual – you can follow all traders here and view their activity on the financial markets. Very much focused on profitability of the deals but issues the analytics too but not daily.

  10. Well, this is a typical social trading platform without a lot of unexpected options. To be more to the point I have not found any rare and unique feature – everything is as usual. The software runs smoothly allowing to follow other traders in the network. You can see what they are doing in real time and the result of their deals. If you like it, you can pay a bit and replicate in your own account here. You can refuse and continue tracking of the trade of participators in real time.

  11. This is a simple financial supermarket with numerous types of investment instruments like securities, currencies, commodities… They enable investors to trade securely buying and selling assets including the stocks of publicly traded companies. Also, they offer a lot of content about initial public offering (schedule of coming IPO and analytics as to the occurred IPO) – so you can judge. That’s a rare information within such a financial market intermediary. I appreciate!

  12. Recently on DuchRate site I’ve read the news about bitcoin as a legal tender. Is this presumption can become reality? As it turns out, it is already in El Salvador, Central America. Wow! Thanks for your input 😉

  13. Using this well-designed platform, I get deeper insights into the entire situation on the financial markets. Its analytics allows understanding of financial standing of the companies I am interested in. This is a marketplace of benefits. Really! It will take you a couple of minutes to connect and get to the market new products without need in being experienced or skilled. Everything is very simple. It enables each investor to trade internationally and decide on the assets of their choice almost without any restrictions.

  14. what can i say? this social trading platform is easy to use offering to sign up and open an account. you can get accustomed to trading environment gaining access to other traders deals in real time. they share the information for a commission.

  15. I give evidence of their client-centered approach as far as all their services are helpful and excellent. I’d say that they do their best to surpass themselves in all efforts. And I like their partners.

  16. Here you should open account to trade. This is easy to do. There are settings allowing to optimize features in a couple of clicks. The new investors will feel confident because the interface is user-friendly, terms are beneficial and assets are numerous.

  17. Nice customer support! I’ve turned a couple of times and in both cases remained pleased with a polite service and fruitful collaboration. They solved my issues and I did not have to turn again with the same problem. That’s a big draw.

  18. More than 3399 shares and 662 currency pairs! If it is as reliable as it is attractive at first glance, then this is the best offer that I have come across on the Web. In addition to a large selection of assets, there are a lot of useful options. They are also a marketplace or a financial supermarket – i.e. a comprehensive service that is available on very convenient terms.

  19. They provide their customers with ability to get a rapid access to cash. The withdrawal is very accurate on beneficial terms. You can count on high liquidity products – this fact helps me to stand assured of the result – thus, I can deal with profit easily. I believe that they show the proper prices of assets (security or commodity. And again you can take advantages of their portfolio to share an investment risk via diversification. Truth be told, they develop quite interesting profiles matching preferences of various investors.

  20. This social trading platform is quite nice being just like any others. I’d mention a user-friendly interface allowing to reach the result in no time. And also here I like to read brief reports about market trends. They are not on a day-to-day basis unfortunately, but when you are lucky to find the current information, you’ll definitely appreciate the uncluttered content with accurate data and concise description of the key events influencing on your trading strategy.

  21. Adore their latest market news and analysis. There are categories where you can find daily content with tons of details. This is a helpful option which is usual for marketplaces but still it is appreciated.

  22. I enjoy mirror trading enabling me to mimic the trades of other users of this marketplace. It is available within MT5. It works in an automated manner. I’m not required to observe the market, analyze the current trends and make any decisions, No emotions – no mistakes! The option is good both for dummies and professionals who have no time to get engaged but want to benefit from financial markets. It is one the most efficient ways to gain even if you are to pay commissions for the ideas.

  23. This is a quite beneficial offer coming with nice bonuses for achievements of various kinds. Aimed at traders looking for an easy way to earn and save at the same time that is possible thanks to copying of the trades of successful traders.

  24. Well, social trading is very popular and there is no doubt that there are good causes for that. You can be quite technically incompetent and a kind of duffer, but still you will succeed in trading due to help of others paying very little for their skills compared to the profit you’ ll get. Just spend several minutes to get throught the way the platform arranged and chase your dream!

  25. They offer investing into the companies offering their shares in public attracting external financing. I suppose this is a risky investment but their analysts make research and provide reasons for the selected IPO. Thus, individuals can try and earn the profit. Of course if such an issuer is promising, the price grows quickly right after their release on the stock exchange and that is important to get engaged before an ascending trend commences. The experts of Dutch Rate help to purchase securities right before this moment.

  26. As in any other places here investors are expected to pay a commission in accordance with a schedule when they invest with this full-service fund supermarket platform. The company establishes low prices IMHO. There is a range which depends on the product class you use and on the investor’s fund structure.

  27. Plain and simple. You can choose the products of your choice or prefer social trading or join their partners for more opportunities and all that experience is possible in a secure environment. I’ve never faced the problems with payments and withdrawals. You just get access to DuchRate database in addition to its technical options and benefit from all that. They offer a digital process to sign in, open an account and trade. They develop ready multi-asset portfolios to ease the traders’ experience.

  28. They have not been for a long time at the market. If I am not mistaken, this investment marketplace was founded this spring, but they prove to be worth of your attention. I’d highlight depth of services and breadth of assets to invest in, innovative approach, high security standards. They gain popularity very quickly. In June, when I joined, nobody heard of them. Now you can find plenty reviews related the services of this provider and most of them are positive. They deserve such prompt reputation. Honestly!

    1. I see no reason why we should believe in review made by any Tom, Dick or Harry unknown characters. But from firsthand experience (I have traded on this platform within two months) I can say that supposedly they are one of the best investment marketplaces. If nothing else, here I get an access to the widest array of financial tools and pay quite little for their services.

  29. This social trading platform is full of virtues and the most precious to my opinion is its perfect lay-out. You can cope with the site in no time. The user-friendly interface is simple as it could be. The most complicated task is to log in. They do not allow you to benefit from their database without being registered. Then you just study the rating and decide on a trader you want to copy

  30. This is a very serendipitous experience when you get mad dap as to all things you may need with respect to this marketplace. Be sure to use it with your smartphone. It is available for Android and iOS devices. I like read their latest news on the go usually. And thus, I always know when a profitable investment idea appears.

  31. Lee Taylor. Do you know such a trader? She or He is quite popular having over 300 copies (while others can boast of about a hundred). And you know why? Commission here is USD 4 per Mio only! Here is a reason of such a success. And this is not about skills ))). Well. Though in February I earned USD 3380 following her. Trades are with currency pairs. Recommend!

  32. Heartbeat is good for skilled traders and dummies. I use it to trade and get an additional profit from my MIO commission. Nice practice. The platform is smooth and easy to cope with.

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