Perks Associated With Corporate Travel

One of the most treasured perks associated with corporate travel is flying in business class. There are many valid reasons to upgrade your passage from Economy class especially when it’s a long flight including more room and less distraction for getting some work done.

How do organizations justify the cost of purchasing business class tickets for corporate travel? It all comes back to the perks and benefits that business travelers want, the purpose of the flight and what the company can afford.

In this article, we look at what business travelers need to arrive at their destination ready for work and we cover some of the perks offered by US airlines.

While flying in economy class will absolutely get you from Point A to Point B, traveling in business class always comes with extra amenities too that make the overall experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Upgrade Fee

Still, those extra amenities come at a cost. Upgrading from an economy ticket to business class can cost anywhere between $50 and $3,000, depending on the airline and the specifics of the flight. The average business class airline ticket costs 400% of what it would cost to take the same flight in economy class.

Business Class Perks

Business travel tickets may save you time by offering priority check-in. Travelers also may have more space and privacy to work during the flight instead of being elbow-to-elbow with other travelers. Better meals and space to sleep for long-haul or red-eye flights can also ensure that traveling employees are well-rested upon arrival and ready to do their best work for your organization.

US Airlines Business Class Amenities

To help you decide when it makes the most sense to upgrade your ticket to business class, here’s our list of airlines with the best business class amenities that help to justify the additional cost.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is a favorite among corporate travelers, offering over 5,000 flights each day to 325 destinations in 52 different countries. Delta Airlines also has some of the most competitive business-class amenities of all airlines. The new Delta One business-class cabin includes features like a high-resolution TV screen and a 180-degree flat-bed seat with ultra-comfy pillows and duvet. Each traveler gets their own private cabin with plenty of space to get a good night’s rest. The airline also promises excellent service with a dedicated flight attendant, chef-curated meals and a selection of complimentary beer, wine, and spirits.

American Airlines

American Airlines (AA) has been pushing for standardization of business class experiences across its long-haul fleet, but while other airlines offer two or three service levels (economy, business, and possibly first-class), AA offers 8 different service levels, and availability depends on the length of the flight. For business class flyers within North America, access to the Flagship lounge, priority check-in, and wider seats with more room are the most notable benefits. If you’re flying business class into London Heathrow, you’ll be able to access the Arrivals lounge for spa showers and breakfast and lunch buffets. Cabins on select flights also come equipped with live, high-definition television and Bose Noise Cancelling headphones.

United Airlines

Business travelers with United Airlines can access dedicated check-in counters and security lanes that streamline the boarding process. Travelers can also check up to two bags at no additional cost. Priority boarding and priority luggage handling are also offered with business class tickets.

On the plane, comfortable leather chairs with flatbed seating, Wi-Fi, and in-flight movies with the United Private Screening service make it easy for travelers to relax and enjoy some entertainment or much-needed rest.

JetBlue Airways Corporation

JetBlue is making waves in the business travel market segment with its branded business class product known as JetBlue Mint. Offered on select routes through the United States, Central America, and the Caribbean, JetBlue Mint represents an elevated standard of comfort and service with features such as lie-flat seats, suites with doors for added privacy and artisan dining.

JetBlue also offers a complimentary amenity kit by Hayward & Hopper with the most important in-flight items: a toothbrush and toothpaste kit, a sleep mask, a pillow pack with earplugs, peppermint lip balm and hand cream from True Botanicals. The airline also offers gate-to-gate Wifi for those who wish to maintain productivity while traveling for business.


Airline companies know what business people need, as they’ve studied their needs for years.  However, it’s a highly lucrative market so competition for business travelers is fierce. To win the custom of regular business travelers, airlines work hard on promoting their point of difference and that’s usually done by appealing to their ‘wants’ as mentioned.  It’s a buyers market so corporate travelers are always in a great position to get great deals on business class travel and have fun during the flight enjoying all the perks that make the flying experience memorable.

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